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Standing on the Threshold of Transformation

Play. Your. Game.

“We’ve been in every coaching group and mastermind you can think of. Learning how to play my game from Certainty U has ruined them all for me. It’s that powerful.” – Ben and Joyce Frank.

From “IF” to “WHEN”

Certainty U Was Created For One Purpose:

Get You Closer To The Things That Actually Matter To You With The Least Amount Of Effort, Least Amount of Risk and With The Most Options.

The Certainty Operating System was developed to take purpose driven etnreprenuers, business owners and orgnizations form a state of “if” to a state of “when”. From chasing “more” as the answer to everything to understanding how to make decisions that get you “closer” to the things that matter most.

Most “experts” and “gurus” will tell you there is only one way.

They will tell you that in order to be successful you need to act more like someone else.

They’ll even tell you to “fake it until you make it”

They’re wrong.

If you are going to do something extraordinary, you will need to lean into the gifts that is unique to you and only you. If you can accept this, Certainty U will give you the toolbox to get Clarity on who you are and what you want, Certainty on the most efficient path forward and then help you Collapse Time so that you achieve faster than you ever thought possible.

All while being more of who you are and playing your game, instead of being someone else. Certainty U members shift from a state of “if I get there” to “when I get there” they are able to make their own history instead of repeat what someone else has already done.

Who Are Certainty Certified Advisors and What Do They Have To Say?

Ben and Joyce Frank // Play Big Project

“We went from a path to blowing ourselves up to complete certainty that we can achieve everything we want out of this life” – Joyce Frank

Meet Your Instructors

Dan Nicholson

Author of USA Today and WSJ best seller Rigging the Game. Founder of award-winning accounting firm Nth Degree CPAs. Host of the Rigging the Game podcast and Consulting Producer at PBS’ Opportunity Knocks.

Randy Massengale

Former Senior Advisor to Bill Gates at Microsoft, Serial Entrepreneur, Professor at Seattle U and Philanthropist

Nic Peterson

Co-Founder of Mastery Mode and author of Bumpers

Our Programs

Certainty Certified Advisor

Ready to get what you want out of life? Learn to play your game, engineer upside and become an extraordinary leader by getting CCA Certified. CCA is a 16 week live curriculum that includes:

4 Week of Extraordinary Leader Training
12 Weeks of the Certainty Operating System
Interactive breakout rooms and roundtables
4 Certainty Summits

Certainty Certified Advisor Elite Mastermind

CCA Elite members get direct access to instructors over the course of a year and advanced trainings like Cash Flow Engineering and Be Your Own Bank CCA Elite is reserved for CCA graduates.

Certainty Partnerships

Certainty U partners with purpose driven companies that have at least one point of distinction CCA partnership opportunities are only available to CCA graduates.

Certainty Summits

Certainty Summits are quarterly in person events for CCA and CCA elite students. At these summits we provides updates, guest speakers and insights into how we're upgradng our own operating systems.

Certainty Certified Resources

Listen to The Rigging The Game Podcast

Read Rigging the Game

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